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Cosmetic Acupuncture
(aka Natural Botox)

Cosmetic Acupuncture is a safe and natural way to improve the look, texture and health of your skin.  Acupuncture benefits include softening of expression lines, reducing inflammation and fluid storage, increasing blood flow and brightness, and stimulating collagen growth and cell renewal.

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Cosmetic acupuncture is really a two-for-one treatment, as the whole body is treated as well as the face. Acupuncture clears up underlying issues, such as digestion, sleep, stress/anxiety and hormonal imbalances.


After a double cleanse & hot towel, very fine needles will be inserted into points on your body as well as your face.  After resting for 30 minutes, the needles are removed and a facial massage is done, followed by cupping or gua sha. The treatment is ended LED Rainbow Light therapy, and an application of sunscreen.

Depending on your skins needs, a typical treatment protocol is 6-10 treatments, then moving to a maintenance schedule.

Custom packages can be developed based on your budget and needs, including microneedling, facials and AcuGlow treatments.

Please contact me for further details and pricing.




I’m happy to carry TOMA and Moor Spa skincare. TOMA is a clean skin care product line made in small batches. This brand is 100% organic, vegan, animal friendly and non hormone-disrupting. The formulations are made with bioadaptive botanicals and nourishing oils.

Moor Spa is a 100% naturally sourced Canadian skincare line that contains Austrian moor, a nutrient-rich plant complex, as well as herbal extracts and pure essential oils.


LED Rainbow Light

Each treatment includes LED Rainbow light therapy. There are different wavelengths of the visible light spectrum, each corresponding to different colors and penetrating the skin to different depths. The color of the light determines the effect. 


Can I Get a Consultation Prior to Treatment?

Of course. I’m happy to offer a free phone consultation to answer any questions and explain what Cosmetic Acupuncture can do for your skin and your health.

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