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Facial Cupping and Gua Sha

Facial Cupping and Gua Sha can be targeted towards your chosen cosmetic goals or facial related health concerns such as TMJ, sinus issues, dental pain and recovery from dental procedures, etc. 


Unlike cupping on the body which can leave marks, facial cupping/gua sha is gentle, and does not leave marks. The goal is to increase circulation and bring fresh blood to the face and neck, which improves the health of the skin and underlying muscles, and ultimately the appearance. The treatment includes working on the back of the neck and decolletage, as the circulation in the chest and neck shows in the face. 

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For treatments, silicone and/or glass cups are used, and a Bian gua sha tool. This stone contains over 40 minerals and trace elements, which produce negative ions that promote anti oxidation in human cells and repair DNA.


The benefits of these techniques include:


-increased blood and lymph flow to the skin

-stimulates collagen production

-reduces acne

-restores elasticity and improves texture of skin

-reduces sinus pressure and congestion

-improves lymphatic drainage, getting rid of waste and toxins

-decreases puffiness

-minimizes appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars


What Happens During a Treatment?


After discussing your skin concerns and goals, a light cleanser is used on the face, neck and decolletage, replenishing mist (which preps the skin), and then a light oil for the cupping and gua sha. This treatment is deeply nourishing for the skin, and relaxing for the whole body in a comfortable treatment room with a heated massage table. The products used are all TOMA (see below), and the treatment ends with 15 min of the Rainbow LED light directed over the face and neck.


TOMA Products


I’m happy to carry TOMA, a line of clean skin care products developed by an acupuncture clinic in the US. Made in small batches, this brand is 100% natural, with ingredients grown without pesticides, herbicides or any sort of chemicals. These products are vegan, animal friendly and non hormone-disrupting. The formulations are made with bioadaptive botanicals, and are guided by TCM knowledge, such as using ru xiang (frankincense) oil to support cellular repair.

LED Rainbow Light

Each MN treatment includes 15 min of Rainbow LED light therapy. There are different wavelengths of the visible light spectrum, each corresponding to different colors and penetrating the skin to different depths. The color of the light determines the effect. 

Can I Get a Consultation Prior to Treatment?

Of course. I’m happy to offer a free phone consultation to answer any questions and concerns before you decide to choose a Facial Cupping and Gua Sha Treatment. 

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